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My Story

What it is: A new mobile game aimed at teens that allows you to “choose your own adventure and write your life.”

Why it's almost interesting: Players face a series of  scenarios, some serious (you’re pregnant; do you keep, abort, or adopt  the baby?) and some . . . ridiculous (she won prom queen instead of you;  do you steal her crown or release the pig’s blood?). Though the app  seems promising in its premise—follow a choice to its logical conclusion  and see how it affects you long-term—it appears that the game actually  just lets players imagine what it’s like to be a celebrity or on  dramatic TV shows. If your tweens and teens are playing the game, use it  as an opportunity to help them think about their future and how their  (realistic) choices could play out.

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This month's featured resource: 

I Am: Getting to Know God  David Nasser

How can I have a relationship with a God who is invisible?
How can God love me when I've done so much wrong? How do I know God is  speaking to me? How can a God of love allow bad things to happen? Teens  are struggling with very difficult questions and doubts.

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