Partnering With Parents

Partnering with you is what makes Ablaze so powerful!

We've  intentionally created these  ways to partner with you so our students  and families they can have the opportunity to  experience Jesus and grow  in relationship with Him...

ABlaze Fall Series


What did God show the Egyptians and the Israelites? God showed that He is the one true God.
God’s judgment through the plagues brought about salvation for His people—rescue from slavery. God used Moses as part of His plan, as a servant. Moses obeyed God, and his obedience points forward to Jesus, who is greater than Moses. (Hebrews 3:3)
God was working out a second rescue, a greater rescue, to save His people from a different type of slavery. God sent Jesus to deliver us from slavery to sin. And Jesus obeyed God. He paid for our sin by dying on the cross, and God raised Him from the dead. And we know that He is the one true God.

The Pathway to Partnership

Ablaze Tonight: After Life Group

Ablaze Partnering with Parents

Partnering with Parents with easy & simple ways to be intentional after your students life group. Click here to find out more.

Student Ministry Partners

Ablaze Student Ministry Partners

Partnering with you is what makes Ablaze so powerful! We are always looking for great partners to help create the place and the space for students to experience Jesus. Click here to find out more.

Submit a prayer request

Submit a student prayer request

We have a team of people that faithfully  pray for students every Wednesday night during Ablaze. Please let us  know how we can pray for your student. 

Email Newsletter & Parent Texts

Ablaze Parent Newsletter

We  want to keep you in the loop! Make sure you are signed up to receive our  weekly email newsletter & parent text. Click here for more.

Parent Meetings

Ablaze Parent Meetings Meet the Parents

Our quarterly Parent Meetings are vital to  our partnership in discipling students. "Meet the Parents" is more than  an informational meeting, it is a time for the parents of CrossBridge to  connect and pray for students. Click here for more.


Ablaze Parent Resources

Parenting is handwork. We want to partner with you as the spiritual leaders of your home. Click here for more.